Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I got the three VMware VCA certifications

As some of you that follow me on Twitter may already know, there are promo codes for free VMware VCA certifications floating around. Not only does that make these entry-level certifications free, but you can even test for them at home, on your own computer, right in the browser of your choice with no additional software necessary. The combination of free plus a low barrier to entry makes these a quick and easy choice for someone that doesn't do much VMware work, but wants to stay diverse.

I was a VMware vSphere administrator in another life, but the last couple of years have been 100% Microsoft for me. These certifications are very easy. I had no issue with any of the three, despite being out of the VMware game for the last couple of years. They're not the kind of certification that will get you a job on their own. What they will do, at least in my opinion, is show future employers, and even my current employer, that despite the fact that I've been doing Microsoft work exclusively, I haven't ignored the rest of the market. I'm interested in technology in general, not just what I am required to know for work and this helps to show that on paper.

It also lends some credibility when having the VMware vs. Microsoft discussion. Microsoft took a real swing at VMware in the hypervisor space with Hyper-V 2012 and VMM 2012. VMware has swung back at Microsoft with Mirage, which is a direct competitor to SCCM. It's an interesting time for both companies, and when discussing the options with customers it helps to be able to say that you've kept up on the other side enough to at least obtain their entry-level certifications.

So, go sign up! Follow the link in the first paragraph and get your three free VMware VCA certifications before VMware starts charging for them! Who can argue with free certifications that you don't even need to leave the house to get?

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