Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Enabling and using the Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2012

Server 2008 R2 introduced the AD Recycle Bin, which was a great addition to any AD environment, but it was only accessible via PowerShell. This made it tricky for a lot of people to enable. Server 2012 makes it much simpler to enable and to work with. You can still do everything via PowerShell (and you should learn it if you don't know it already!), but you can also handle restores through the GUI as well.

To enable the AD Recycle Bin:
  • Open the Active Directory Administrative Center
  • Click on your AD in the left pane.
  • Click "Enable Recycle Bin" in the righthand pane.
  • Wait for replication.

To use the AD Recycle Bin:
  • Accidentally delete something
  • Open the "Deleted Objects" container
  • Highlight the item that you accidentally deleted and click "Restore" in the righthand pane.
  • Pretend it never happened

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