Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best practices for configuring a new Active Directory

Name Your Active Directory properly
I've written about this before. If your company website is example.com, the FQDN of the Active Directory should be in the form of ad.example.com, corp.example.com, or another third-level subdomain of the existing publicly used DNS. Avoid using example.com internally and externally. Also avoid making up a TLD like .local or .lan. During promotion of the first DC in a domain, consider setting the NetBIOS name to EXAMPLE instead of the default value, so that users see EXAMPLE\user instead of the ambiguous AD\user or CORP\user. You only get one chance to set the NETBIOS name, so consider it carefully. It's non-trivial to change.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Handling tech recruiters and salary negotiations

I got another new job. This is the second one in ten months.

I had some serious concerns about how I was being used at my last job and I wasn't able to correct them, so I felt that I had to leave before it did damage to my long-term prospects. Now, I'm in a much better situation than I was before and I was able to use the earlier round of interviewing as a learning experience for this most recent round.

One thing that almost no one likes dealing with are tech recruiters, but they're a necessary evil. They want to know your salary history. They tell you how their six month contract 50 minutes from your apartment is the best thing that could possibly happen to you. They assure you that the positions that they have open will jumpstart your career. What does that even mean? Are they implying that my career has stalled and that it needs a jumpstart?